UI Design 7

My responsibilities encompassed:

1. UI/UX Design: I crafted a user interface that prioritized ease of use while maintaining visual appeal, ensuring a clean and navigable layout that allowed users to smoothly browse through various product categories.

2. Web Development: I developed the website using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, making sure it was adaptable and functioned seamlessly across different devices and platforms.

3. Content Management: I managed and structured the product listings within each category and subcategory, ensuring all products were well-organized and accessible.

4. Testing and Optimization: I continuously tested the website to detect and fix any usability problems, bugs, or performance issues, making adjustments to enhance the site’s user experience and engagement.

5. SEO and Accessibility: I optimized the website for search engines and ensured it complied with accessibility standards to maximize its reach.

My role was essential in developing a streamlined and attractive online shopping environment that effectively displayed the diversity and quality of the products available. The project was successfully completed, resulting in a robust and user-friendly platform for customers.

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